How To Get Compact Privileges


  1. First, determine if you meet ALL the eligibility criteria to apply for and obtain and maintain compact privileges:

    1. You need to hold a current, valid PT or PTA license in your home state of residence, which must be actively issuing and accepting compact privileges. (See map of compact states.)

    2. You must have a valid driver’s license proving permanent residency in your home state. (Flexibility for active duty military and their spouses only)

    3. You cannot have any active encumbrances or any disciplinary action against any license for a period of at least two years.

    4. The state where you are seeking a compact privilege must be a member of the PT Compact and actively issuing and accepting compact privileges. (See map of compact states.)

  2. If you meet all criteria, then you should determine the compact privilege fees and jurisprudence requirements for each state you want to obtain a privilege in. For most states, you must successfully take and pass the jurisprudence requirement/exam for each state you want a compact privilege in before applying for compact privileges. Not all states require a jurisprudence exam, however, if you fail to take and pass the state jurisprudence when required you may face disciplinary action.

  3. Once you have taken and passed the jurisprudence exam for the state(s) you want to get compact privileges in, then you will click the “Purchase Now” button on the homepage of the PT Compact website

  4. This will take you back to this page which reiterates the compact eligibility requirements, links to the state fees and jurisprudence requirements, and the step-by-step process. You must click “Continue” at the bottom of this page to get to the Compact login.

  5. Once at the login page, you will need to use your Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy Identification (FSBPT ID) number and password. This is the same information you used to purchase any service from FSBPT, including registering for the NPTE. If you do not remember your FSBPT ID or password or do not remember having one, you can attempt to retrieve them using the links on the login page or below.

    1. Forgot FSBPT ID

    2. Forgot FSBPT password

    3. If you continue to have an issue or have an old email associated with your FSBPT account please contact us at 703-562-8500 (Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm Eastern)

  6. After you successfully login to the PT Compact website you will be taken to your personal dashboard that is pre-populated with license information received from the state boards. To proceed with a first-time application and purchase, you will need to click the “Purchase” button and follow the steps to verify eligibility, select the state(s) you are seeking compact privileges in, attest that all required jurisprudence exams have been passed, pay the associated fees, and receive your unique compact privilege number(s). (View screenshots of the step-by-step verification and purchasing process)

  7. Please note you will need a copy of your current valid driver’s license as proof of your home/permanent residence state. (Any change to your home state will need to be updated on your profile within thirty days of obtaining the new driver’s license and may affect your eligibility to maintain compact privileges.) (View video regarding home state requirement)

  8. The verification and purchasing process takes less than ten minutes and a receipt with your unique compact privilege number for each state purchased will be provided in an email and automatically added to your dashboard upon completion. All compact privileges can be verified by the public, employers, etc. on the PT Compact website under “Privilege Verification” or

  9. That completes the steps for getting an initial compact privilege. Please note the important items below and remember the scope of practice where the patient is located must be followed in every case despite where you hold a license or compact privilege. (Information regarding the compact privilege renewal process is available here)


  • Only those meeting all the eligibility requirements will be able to obtain and maintain compact privileges.

  • Compact privileges are issued by the PT Compact Commission on behalf of the state boards and are therefore obtained through the PT Compact website

  • Only states that have enacted the required PT Compact legislation and completed all the implementation requirements are able to actively issue and accept compact privileges. (See map of compact states and their status.)

  • Each state has a separate fee for compact privileges and may have a separate jurisprudence exam to pass prior to applying for compact privileges. A separate fee may also be required to take the state jurisprudence exam. An additional fee is also charged by the PT Compact Commission for each compact privilege purchased. (State fees and jurisprudence requirements)

  • Failure to complete required state jurisprudence exam(s) may result in disciplinary action and/or a termination of compact privileges.

  • Compact privileges are always associated with the expiration date of an individual’s home state license. There are no prorations therefore the full fee will always be charged and the date shown on your dashboard at the time of application will be the date the compact privilege will expire. Therefore, in some cases, it may make sense to first renew the home state license before purchasing compact privileges and waiting approximately a week to make sure the PT Compact database has received the updated expiration date.

  • It is the responsibility of the physical therapist (PT) or physical therapist assistant (PTA) to know, understand, and follow the scope of practice where the patient is located. Compact privileges do not confer any additional authority or ability to practice or work in a state beyond that of a regular license.

  • Any disciplinary action taken on any license or compact privilege will automatically terminate all compact privileges and cause the individual to be ineligible for compact privileges for a period of at least two years.

  • Any encumbrance or limitation on any license or compact privilege will automatically terminate all compact privileges and cause the individual to be ineligible for compact privileges until such encumbrance is removed.

  • Compact privileges can never be used to practice/work in an individual’s permanent residence/home state.

  • An individual’s home state is determined by where they hold a current valid driver’s license. If the home state ever changes (i.e., a driver’s license is obtained in a new state) the individual is required to notify the PT Compact Commission within 30 days by updating their compact dashboard. Please note that in some cases this may affect an individual’s compact eligibility and may result in the termination of compact privileges. Therefore, the individual should be aware of any possible changes and resulting consequences that may require obtaining a regular license from the state licensing board in order to continue to practice.

  • A compact privilege must be obtained for each state an individual wants to practice in. Physical therapy compact privileges are not a multi-state license.

  • For additional information please review our Resources and News and FAQ. You can also contact the PT Compact Commission at or 703-562-8500. (Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET)

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